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There’s a lot of work that goes into running a grassroots football club and it is all done by volunteers: players need to be recruited; teams need to be registered; fees need to be collected; new coaches and officials need to be trained and certified; existing Club officials need to update their safeguarding and first aid certification; pitches need to be booked; team managers and coaches need to manage their players and prepare them to play on match day; lines need to be painted; kit and equipment needs to be bought and distributed; and the bills need to be paid.

Blewbury Amazons was founded in 2021 with a handful of teams, and in a few short years has grown into a club with 15 teams and around 200 girls currently registered with us.  However, the club is still largely run by a small group of dedicated individuals, who are now overstretched and urgently need your help to keep the club running.  We need parents not just to support their own children, but also to help their child’s team, or the club, in some way.


Your Team Needs You!
Team Managers and Coaches have a lot to think about and will always appreciate some help in fulfilling the routine tasks involved in running the team, particularly on match day.  An extra pair of hands lightens the load and allows the Team Manager / Coach to focus their attention on the Players.

It is really helpful when parents:

  • Volunteer for a shift on the tuckshop (full instructions are in the tuck shop to make this easy for you)

  • Set up / put away the nets, corner flags and respect barrier

  • Pick up any litter left behind

  • Make sure kids are dressed appropriately for the weather

 Your Club Needs You!
Now that the Club has expanded to have teams at every age group from U7-U15, we feel confident that there are enough parents within the Club that can help us distribute the administrative load more evenly and fairly.   We are looking to fill a number of key administrative roles that will help streamline some processes and take the burden from Committee members that are already busy with Coaching and other Club roles.  So, if you’d like to help, we’d be delighted to welcome you to the team.


All that these roles require is a desire to engage more fully with the running of the Club and its Committee members with no more than 1-2 hours a week expected of your time. Some roles will require considerably less time than this, and some roles will be seasonal - busy in the summer before the season starts but quiet for the rest of the year.  You will have all the support and training you need from our current committee members. ​ Most of these roles can be easily be job-shared amongst several people covering different age groups/venues etc.


Roles Available

Treasurer (s)

We are in urgent need of a new treasurer as our current treasurer is stepping down in the next few weeks.  Our current treasurer is happy to handover and be on hand over the coming months to support the new treasurer.  This role could easily be shared by 2-3 individuals. 

Sponsorship Manager

  • Develop a Club-wide strategy to maximise sponsorship revenue e.g. working with coaches to build up a list of existing sponsors, new prospects list etc.

  • Ensure all potential sponsors are appropriate e.g. no alcohol brands

  • Work with individual coaches & parents for each team on finding sponsors

  • Working with sponsors throughout the season to ensure the relationship is managed/expanded to ensure on-going support

Grants Manager

  • Actively look for local and national funding streams to develop the Club

  • Liaise with Committee/coaches etc on grant applications

  • Liaise with Treasurer on financial compliance

Kit Manager (s)

Kit revamps occur on a two year cycle - the next big kit revamp is for season 25/26 but 3 teams will need new Macron kit for 24/25. We need our new Kit Manager to:

  • Work with coaches on kit requirement for each team, both players and coaches.

  • Work with kit supplier (currently Macron) on ordering for beginning of season and any required ad hoc order.

  • Work with Treasurer on budging and payment to suppliers.

  • Work with coaches on other elements eg balls, First Aid kits, ensuring kits are fully up to date, bibs, cones, training aids etc.

Web Master

  • Manage all aspects of the website including accuracy of information.

  • Update new teams at the start of each season.

  • Maintain all relevant club documentation e.g .Code of Conduct, FA and Club policies.

  • List prize winners by team at the end of each season.

  • Monthly updates of content e.g. pictures, results etc.

  • Ensuring Club is compliant with any applicable regulation e.g. GDPR

  • Time commitment: Average 30 mins a week

Social Media Manager

  • Liaise with individual coaches to manage content for weekly posts after each days games.

  • Manage social publicity for the Club e.g .new players/coaches/sponsors wanted etc.

  • Time Commitment: approx 30 mins a week.

Venue Manager

  • Manage the overall relationship between the venues, currently: Harwell, Aston Tirrold, Brightwell and Blewbury

  • Liaise between Committee and venue

  • Work with Tuck Shop Coordinator and Equipment Managers as required

Equipment/Store Manager

  • Liaise with Venue Managers  in support of building solid relationships with venues

  • Regularly checking storage spaces to ensure they are neat/tidy and we haven’t encroached on other’s space

  • Ensure floodlights are stored safely and batteries are charged

  • Ensuring our spaces are secure and replacing padlocks, chains etc as required

  • The keeper of all codes and ensuring coaches know the codes as required

Membership Secretary

  • Take overall responsibility for ensuring all our players are fully registered to play and all subscriptions are up to date

  • Liaise with Member Coordinators providing as much support as necessary 

Membership Coordinators

We need a coordinator for each age group who will:

  • Ensure that all players are accurately entered into The FA’s Whole Game System and assigned correctly to their team.

  • For new players – verify identification, and ensure it matches membership form.

  • Ensure all players are correctly submitted to the league.

  • Ensure all players are fully up to date with subscriptions including reminders to parents and liaison with Treasuer as required.

  • Managing Spond for the team.

Youth Volunteer Manager




Tournament Sub Committee


We already have a Tournament Director who will take overall accountability for delivering the tournament, but we need a Tournament Sub Committee to help share the load. Members of the Sub Committee will work with the Tournament Director to arrange all aspects of the Tournament including:

  • Volunteer Manager - organising volunteers in the lead up and on the day.

  • Referees – organisation and payment.

  • Food sourcing and prep on the day, both Club provided and outside

  • Trophies

  •  Guest team management

  • Risk assessment

  • Line marking/pitch preparation

  • Car parking

  • Entertainment – bouncy castles etc.

  • Sponsorship – working with the Sponsorship Manager.




Volunteers will be the future lifeblood of this Club and we would like to support these girls with a dedicated single point of contact within the Club. Girls will be volunteering for a variety of roles due to school, Duke of Edinburgh Award and Academic course requirements.

We will organise DBS check for you and there is a 2 hour online Safeguarding course to complete. 

We need our new Youth Volunteer Manager to:

  • Support and liaise with girls to find the most appropriate team/coach to support with their available time.

  • Provide the adult signature/monitoring required for any formal award or proof of time volunteered and activity completed.

  • Establish and manage the process for girls who wish to undertake courses that are funded or part funded by the Club (e.g. Coaching badges or Referee qualification.

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