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Qualifications & Requirements for Coaches & other Volunteers



The FA requires that any adult (over 16) who volunteers to do a role involving ‘regulated activity’ with children (under 18s) must have a clear Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before they begin volunteering. ‘Regulated activity’ with children is made up of: 

  • What activity a person carries out 

  • How often the person does it

Regulated activity likely to occur within the Club includes:

  • Managing, training, or coaching children

  • Supervising or caring for children

  • Giving advice or guidance to children

  • Giving first aid to children

  • Driving a vehicle solely for children on behalf of the Club

Coaches need a DBS check. Other adults helping out with teams are also likely to need DBS checks. This would include adults who are regularly refereeing, or helping out with training sessions and/or during matches or tournaments. ‘Regularly’ means more than three times in any 30-day period. So if a parent is likely to supervise a group of girls during summer tournaments, they must have a clear DBS check even if they do not help out during the rest of the year.

Eligibility to apply for a DBS check is not based on a volunteer’s job title but is established by looking at the activities and responsibilities carried out by each individual role. For example, a parent who acts as a linesperson every week probably won’t need a DBS if that is all they do. However, if the parent also helps lead warm-ups before matches, or gives the girls advice or guidance on performance after the match, then they will need a DBS check (and FA safeguarding training).

It is essential that coaches let the one of the Club Welfare Officers (CWO's) know when someone volunteers to do anything that might be considered ‘regulated activity’. If you are unsure if a DBS is needed, please ask one of the CWOs.  There are currently two CWOs who share the role:

  • For teams U11 and younger: Catherine Richmond

  • For teams U12 and older: Caroline Ward

They are contactable via  Their personal mobile numbers and e-mail addresses are available via the coaches WhatsApp group.


Volunteers should not start helping regularly until the DBS check is complete.  Please confirm the check is complete with the CWO prior to letting any volunteer start.


The FA defines a team manager, coach, or assistant coach as an adult who is regularly attending either training sessions and/or match days, and is involved in directing the children’s activities, whether or not there is another adult in overall charge of the group.


All teams require at least two qualified named managers/coaches.  


Managers/coaches must complete the following before starting to coach or help coach a team:



Additionally, all coaches are required to complete the following within 3 months of starting coaching children:


All coaches/managers should co-operate amicably with other coaches, Club committee members and other volunteers, and participate in the communication systems used within the Club. For example, they will be expected to:


  • attend occasional online Club coaches’ meetings (approximately one hour-long online meeting every other month during the football season);

  • become a member of the Club coaches’ WhatsApp group; and

  • respond to messages sent to them regarding Club business.



The requirements for roles other than coaching depend on the nature of the role. In general, where a person volunteers to carry out a role working directly with children, or to join the club committee, they will be required to undergo a DBS check and to complete the FA Safeguarding Children course, as a minimum, before starting the role. Please contact a CWO if you intend to carry out a role involving children, or you are unsure if a DBS is needed.

e carrying out a different role and are unsure if a DBS is needed.


For coaches, the Club will reimburse the cost of all of the above courses, so long as a Club Committee member has confirmed in writing that you may go ahead.  If paying upfront will cause difficulties please let one of the CWO's know so they can help (this information will be treated confidentially).  Once you have completed a course, send details to  Please be patient as all requests will be dealt with in batches by our admin assistant for approval and processing.  Please avoid emailing Terry, our Treasurer, directly as he shares the financial admin responsibility.


The FA Safeguarding and First Aid courses will be reimbursed immediately. Given the greater cost of the Introduction to Coaching course, the Club will pay half of the total cost immediately, and the other half once you have completed a whole calendar year with the club. The onus will be on you to contact the treasurer at the end of the year to request a reimbursement of the final half.


Please direct questions about any of the above information to one of the club welfare officers.


Thank you.

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